Christmas Gifts

Hi,thanks for popping by.
As some of you may know I haven't been crafting for a while due to my hands not working very well at the moment, anyway, I have had a go at some Christmas gifts, nothing spectacular but like I said, I had a go.
I thought I would share these with you for, hopefully, a bit of inspiration and ideas for creating your own Christmas gifts.

This is simply a gift bag (which you can buy or make), star shaped cinnamon festive iced cookies inside and just decorated with ribbon, faux flowers and a glittery faux gem in the middle of the flower...

... here I just put some favourite cookies into a jar (this was a coffee jar cleaned out well) and decorated ...

... bake your own festive cookies and put into a storage jar and decorate...

... I made the festive cookies for the gifts but turned some into tree treats.
You can personalise your cookies too, I just cut out snowflakes from white icing ...

... I also made some coffee chocolate truffles, made a box and decorated, I made the lid from festive snowflake accetate.

I hope I have given some inspiration and ideas for some little Christmas gifts.
Thanks for visiting and if I don't post again before Christmas ...

Have a very
Merry Christmas
and all the best
for the
New Year



  1. Oh Emma these are fab! Well done! What fabulous gifts to receive! big hugs
    Larissa :) xox

  2. They look very special to me. Love them Sorry your not well. Hope you are soon better xx Jan

  3. These look fabulous and I am sure the recipients will love them. Sorry to hear you have been unwell and I hope you are better soon. I have missed you :)
    Linda xxx

  4. They are great Emma love them Happy Christmas to you xx

  5. These gifts look lovely and well done on posting such great ideas.
    If you don't post again may I say happy christmas and a very new year, I hope next year is better for you.

  6. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments xx


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