Vintage Clockwork Birdcage

Good afternoon everyone
I hope you are enjoying your day.
I went to my local craft shop 
on Saturday and I bought, amongst other things, an MDF birdcage kit
by 'Candy Box Crafts'
This is what I created with it...

I used black Powertex on some lace netting and cloth and draped
It over the one side of the birdcage.
I also used Powertex on the fabric flowers, clay flowers and the clay cherub, the cherub I made 3 days prior because it's large it needed time to cure.
I painted the birdcage using acrylic paint and touched with Alchemy waxes by 'Imagination Crafts'
I added the cherub, roses, leaves and then I painted using dry brushing technique with Imagination Crafts Starlights Metalic paint - 137 Platinum.

I added the colour by dry brushing using Waxes by Imagination Crafts
Starlight Wax - 6148 White Gold
Alchemy Wax - 908 Cobalt
Alchemy Wax - 907 Peridot
Alchemy Was - 906 Copper
I painted the wooden cogs using the same colours.

I added a strip of of the clay border made using the Katy Sue Design 'Sea Swirl Border's silicone mould along one of the stripe on the birdcage, painted using the Platinum Metalic paint and added the the wooden cogs that I have done.
I added a couple of metal embellishment and a metal carry handle to the top.

I hope you like my latest project, I had lots of fun creating it.
Thanks for visiting


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