Hint's and Tip's

Welcome to 'Hint's and Tips'.  This page will hopefully be of some help and give you some idea's.

  • Have you ever put double sided tape on a ribbon and then not been able to lift off the backing paper? ... here is a tip that may help

  • If you need a piece of lace for your project but all you have is white but need a different colour to match, use inks or even heat emboss to match.
  • To keep your punches sharp, once a month, punch some fine / thin sandpaper or foil.
  • When you have an ink pad with a clear plastic cover inside, such as 'StazOn' ink pads, put some foam pads on the plastic cover then put the lid on.  Doing this means that when you take off the lid, the plastic cover comes off with it, so less fiddling but still keeps it covered.
  • If you have a small stamped image that you are struggling to colour, scan it into your PC, enlarge it, print it out, colour then scan back into your PC, shrink and print.
  • If you get all sticky stuff on your scissors, tweezers etc, wipe with lighter fluid to remove it.
  • When using foam pads, use some glue stick on them, that way you can re-position things because it doesn't stick straight away.
  •   Use a clear steel edged ruler, they are brilliant, makes things so much easier because you can see your project through it.
    •   To get different back ground effects using a brayer, experiment with things like screwed up paper, bubble wrap, lace or anything with a texture.  Because the brayer is a soft rubber, when you have inked the brayer, roll over your chosen texture source (lace etc) it leaves the impression on your brayer.
      •   Clean your stamps and your brayer with baby wipes ,  then dry with some paper towel.  Never use chemicals to clean your brayer as this will ruin it.
        •   Always cut on the waste side of your project, this way if you slip you will not damage it.
        •   You can colour peel offs and ribbon with your pro-markers to match your project.
          •   Heat foam with your heat gun, just till it starts to curl abit, then press your stamp into it, press hard for a few seconds, your left with the impression on the foam, if your don't like it just re-heat and it and start again.
          • To make storage easier for wood mounted rubber stamps, remove the rubber stamp from the block by placing it in the microwave, rubber side up, for about 5 seconds, take out and lift off the stamp, if the stamp doesn't come loose easily, microwave again for a couple of seconds and repeat until the stamp peels off easily.  Times vary depending on the size of your stamp.  Be careful when taking out the microwave as may be hot. 
          • Use a tumble dryer sheet on your card when die cutting, makes it easier to get out of the dies.  Also try brushing with talc or using a anti static pad, this also helps.
          • When using gilding flakes, rub talc onto your hands, this stops the flakes from sticking to your fingers.
          • Use Tim Holtz blending solution to remove ink from your hands and clothes.
          • Measure twice, cut once.
          • When heat embossing, hold you project off the table, and heat from front and back, this will help prevent the card from warping.
          • Use double sided tape and glitter to make a border to your project, also, glue dots are good for this too.
          • If you need some gold card to matt and layer but have run out, a good tip is take some white card, cut to the size you need then heat emboss with gold powder, only as far in as your going to see when it is layered.  This looks quite effective.

          Paper Weight Conversion Table.

          GRAMMAGE                    PAPER GRADE (lbs)
          44 gsm                                30 lb. text
          59 gsm                                16 lb. bond, 40 lb. text
          67 gsm                                45 lb. text
          89 gsm                                24 lb. bond, 60 lb. text
          104 gsm                              70 lb. text
          118 gsm                              80 lb. text
          148 gsm                              67 lb. bristol, 100 lb. text
          162 gsm                              60 lb. cover
          163 gsm                              90 lb. index
          176 gsm                              65 lb. cover
          178 gsm                              80 lb. bristol
          199 gsm                              110 lb. index
          216 gsm                              80 lb. cover
          219 gsm                              100 lb. bristol
          253 gsm                              140 lb. index
          263 gsm                              120 lb. bristol
          270 gsm                              100 lb. cover
          307 gsm                              140 lb. bristol
          308 gsm                              170 lb. index
          325 gsm                              120 lb. cover

          If you have any crafty hints or tips that you would like to share, please leave a comment. 


          1. great tips emma xx

          2. Some great tips Emma especially for us relatively new crafters. Thank you. xx

            1. your welcome, glad you found them useful xx

            2. Really good tips Emma thanks so much will definately be using these xx

          3. fantastic hints Emma thank you for sharing xxxxxxxxx


          5. I love your tips. When using white foam pads on coloured card, colour the sides of the pad with feltips/promarkers so they won't be so visible.

          6. Using a glue gun, make little drops of glue on a heat sheet. Sprinkle with glitter - fine or large - immediately and leave to set. Hey Presto, almost free and very pretty embellishments.


          Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it is very appreciated I love reading them and do try to reply, thank you xx