How I created the Angel..

First of all I made a wooden plinth for my angel to be built onto, I just took a square piece and some Dowling rod, drilled a hole in the middle of the square by drawing a cross, corner to corner, to find the centre then glued the rod in place.

Then I took a piece of florest foam, added the bust and shaped it ...

....once I was happy with the rough shape I smoothed it with an emery board.

I then, carefully, pushed the body down onto the plinth, glueing the rod first with PVA glue.

I coated some lace in Powertex, wrapped it around to form the top and painted over the whole thing with Powertex.

While that was drying I made the wings by simply shaping a piece of aluminium wire roughly to the shape of a wing, die cut feathers out of some fabric.
I placed them on the wing to get a rough idea how many I would need, I think I ended up die cutting about 100.
I Powerexed them all, lay them out and let dry.

I coated some fabric and some netting, ensuring to squeeze the excess Powertex from them and wrapped and shaped around the project.

Once the feathers were dry I layered them up onto the wire frame, moulding some clay across the top of the wings, attached them to the body....once everything was dry....using hot melt.

I simply them just gave it a metallic finish using acrylic paints and waxes.

Witches Hat

Paint Brush


Paint Pallette




  1. These projects are absolutely amazing! 100 feathers for the angels wings is a real marathon! lol Fabulous work xx

  2. Fantastic creations. And great to see how you went about construcing your angel project.

  3. Wow, they are stunning! I love seeing how you actually constructed the Angel, so much work & incredible inspiration xx


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