Cog Clock

 Use structure paste and place the dial onto a piece of card and smooth over, focusing on the numbered areas.  Once dry, attach some board covered with your rice paper which is cut to the size of the dial to the dial.
Once dry touch with gold gilding wax and fill the holes with the enamel.
Put to one side to dry, I left mine over night.

Give the base of the dome a quick sand just to make sure that there are no rough edges and then coat with ComponaCo 1 of the Pentart Cracking Gel.
Mix some of the Stamperia Colori Adolio with a pallet knife to some of the component 2, mixing it on your mat.
For the top I just smoothed over the mixture with a pallet knife but on the side I called it on with the pallet knife to make it spike.
Put to one side to dry.

 Next I cut lots of pieces of wooden dowel, various widths and various sizes.

I then arranged the pieces and the cogs randomly but ensuring that it was within the width and height (including the dial) of the glass dome.

 Once happy with the layout and measurements I glued together with wood glue.

Attached to the now dry base.
Then it was just a case of painting the dials with black Gesso, Starlights Acrylic paint and adding some of the Alchemy waxes.
Attached the dial to the movement, attached it the the cogs and inserted the battery.

Christmas Candle Stand

You will need
A wooden disc - Baker Ross and Hobbycraft sell them
Faux berries, Larch cones and artificial pine branches
Polar White Flower soft, PVA glue and Glitter
Glue gun
Inks to colour base if you wish to colour


Take your base and colour or just leave plain, its up to you, I coloured mine using the Adirondack Espresso ink pad.
(sorry about the photo)


Arrange your pine branches around the wooden base, I trimmed some of the wire off these.
Attached to the wooden base using a glue gun slightly at an angle.


Using the glue gun attach the Larch cones, space them out and I glittered some of them.

Add the faux berries, leaves if you want to.
Once you are happy with your design lightly dab in places you want the snow to be, lightly with the PVC glue and sprinkle with the Flower soft, shake off the excess and leave to dry.

Butterfly Plant Pot

First of all you will need a spare plant pot, I used an old clay one, acrylic paint, a make up sponge and brush, dies of your choice ( I used the 'Intricut Butterfly Dies' ) and sealing spray.


After cleaning your pot thoroughly mask around the inside just below the lip, take time doing this it will help your project look much neater ...


Using the die/s you have chosen for your design cut out the amount your need for your design, I cut out about 14 of my butterflies...


Add 1 coat of paint, leave to dry for upto an hour (depends on size of pot and acrylic paint your using).  After it has dried I added my butterflies, randomly, around the pot by just putting in placing, carefully holding in place and painted them onto the pot, go all round the pot, give a couple of coats of acrylic paint until you are satisfied with the cover, I put 2 coats ...


Spray with your sealing spray, a couple of coats should be fine and then add your potted plant.


Letter Rack

As a crafter I always look at things before I throw them away and think 'can I use that?...'
I'm sure many of you are the same.
I had some thick card packaging from something I bought and done exactly that...

the answer was yes...
This is what I done with it

I taped around the box, not too much, just enough to make sure the gaps were sealed etc then picked out some paper, in this case I used the beautiful papers from the 'Rustic Harmony Collection' by 'Kaisercraft'...

I used Tim Holtz Distressing Inks on all the edges of the paper...
...firstly with Victoria Velvet... 
... then Vintage Photo...

... then Walnut Stain

I measured a piece of lace to fit around the top of my letter holder
and distressed it using the Walnut Stain

I put red extra strong double sided tape around the top of the box and attached the lace

I finished it off by painting the inside with acrylic paint, probably better to do this before adding your papers if your worried you might get it on the paper, and added some Metal Leaf Embellishments
by 'Creative Expressions'  and 3 faux roses which I distressed a little with the Victoria Velvet and Walnut Stain Distressing Inks


Foam Stamping

1- Take a piece of foam, I got mine from Hobbycraft, down the children's craft section and cost me 35p, using a glue stick attach to your acrylic block.

2- Place your items flat on your work space, I have used wooden snowflake embellishments but you can use buttons, wire mesh ... anything solid.

3- Using your heat gun, heat the foam, you will see it slightly change shade and it will curl. Quickly press the foam onto your object and press hard and count to 20...

4- ... lift off to reveal your design, if your not happy with it simply reheat, the design will disappear, heat and try again.

5- Ink your foam design when your happy with it, don't use fast drying/permanent inks, and stamp.

6- Simply clean using a baby wipe, allow to dry and your ready for a new design.


Cone Christmas Ornaments

1- Take a cone and screw in an eye screw.

2- Make a bow and, using a glue gun, add glue ..

3- .. and attach the bow to the cone just below the eye screw.

4- Attach string, cord or ribbon for hanging.

5- Spray with glitter spray, I used the Crafters Companion Glitter spray.

6- While the glitter is drying, take your wooden embellishment and colour using your inks or pens. I have used little wooden holly embellishments and added faux red pearls for the berries. You can use any kind of embellishment, just have a go.

7- Using your glue gun attach the finished embellishment.

I hope you like this little project, have a go. I would love to see them so please share, email your projects to


  1. A brilliant project Emma - just need to find some cones now!!! lol x

    1. they are easy to find, you can use ones you find or a lot of places sell them in net bags, cost about £3 - £4 a net xx

  2. Emma I love this idea! I will make some for my grandchildren to decorate their own small christmastrees. Thanks!
    Lia xx

  3. Love the cone idea, must do that for Xmas 2015 x


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