Introducing the NEW ' Box Clever Template' ...

Well its finally finished, I have been working on this design for a few months and doing all the boxes for all sorts of shaped cards and gifts.
Have you ever struggled finding a template for a box for a an 8" x 8", DL, a round card even an A4? ....
Look no have found the template that does them all ....
I'm so chuffed with this template, I have put a lot of time, research .... and have got through a lot of headache tablets and I am really glad it is finished.
I hope you like it.

For a tutorial on how to use the 'Box Clever' Template, please click 'HERE'
To purchase the 'Box Clever' template, please click 'HERE'


  1. what a fantastic idea! thanks for this will take all the work out of doing boxes :)

  2. Ooow, think you Will be hearing from me about one of these :-)

  3. Well done Emma, you may have got through a lot of headache pills, but we won't - not with this template! lol x

  4. How clever is this love it well done Emma xx

  5. Emma I love you!! What a brilliant idea, just what i need to make boxes for my flower wreaths, I will have to order xxxxx

  6. WOW!! This is wonderful, such a very useful gadget.


  7. A fantastic idea Emma. Give yourself a pat on the back, this is sure to save time and effort - and headache tablets, lol x

  8. I dont make boxes very often mainly because i can not be bothered to sit and work them out, thankyou Emma ,now that is what i call box clever xx

  9. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, it makes all the hard work worth it xxxxxx

  10. Have ordered hope it's idiot proof ,I always get top or bottom wrong !!! Pat

    1. Hi Pat, yes I have received your order, thank you xx


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