IndigoBlu Flutterby

I thought I would share this with you.
I come across a wooden frame when I was having a clear out, think I got it from a pound shop or something, I thought I would have a play with my acrylic paints.
First I applied brown acrylic paint and when it had dried I applied white acrylic paint over the top, when it had dried I very gently distressed it with some fine sandpaper, not too much.
Then using the stunning 'Flutterby' stamp from 'IndigoBlu' and Sepia Adirondack ink I just stamped randomly around the frame.
I stamped on some white card for the centre.
I don't think it come out to bad.


  1. This is gorgeous Emma.

    Linda xxx

  2. This is beautiful! The wooden frame is perfect for this project, and I have some, also, wanting to be used. I wonder if I already donated them to the thrift shop? Emma, this is a wonderful gift and home decor item - so pretty and peaceful to gaze upon! hugs, de

  3. A wonderfully decorated frame Emma. I love your colour choice and the butterfly stamp x

  4. I love this, I thought you had used tissue paper, thanks for explaining xxx

  5. That is lovely and totally gorgeous with the stamped butterflies around the frame. A stunning piece of work.

  6. A really lovely piece of home decor, Emma. The colours are fab and work so well. Very inspirational! x


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